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  • Takamine Guitars

    The company was founded in May 1962; in 1978 they were one of the first companies to introduce acoustic-electric models, where they pioneered the design of the preamplifier-equalizer component.

  • Tama Drums

    Tama Drums is a brand of drums and hardware manufactured and marketed by the Japanese musical instrument company, Hoshino Gakki. Tama's research and development of products, along with production of its professional drums, is done in Seto, Japan,[1] while its hardware and more affordable drums are manufactured in Guangzhou, China.[2] Hoshino has several offices around the world for marketing and wholesale distribution. Drums destined for the U.S. market are assembled and stocked at Hoshino (U.S.A.) in Bensalem, Pennsylvania. The U.S. subsidiary also contributes to Tama's market research and development.

  • Taylor Guitar Company

    Taylor Guitars is an El Cajon, California‐based American guitar manufacturer, specializing in acoustic guitars, as well as semi-hollow electric guitars. It was established in 1974 by Bob Taylor and Kurt Listug.

  • Techni-Lux

    Founded in 1991, in Orlando Florida, Techni-Lux, Inc. is a multi-faceted lighting manufacturer and distribution company. 

  • Toca Percussion

    Toca Percussion A Division of KMC PO Box 507 Bloomfield, CT 06002-0507 Phone: 877-526-2668 Fax: 877-526-2632

  • Toca Percussion

    During the early 90's, the music scene began to bustle with new trends. A new craze called drum circles began making headlines in the news, around the same time a new Latin sound called "Afro-Cuban" was hitting the pop charts with the Miami Sound Machine's hit "Conga". Hand drumming was receiving a great amount of press as more people began to take up hand drumming as a recreational hobby. People wanted to drum for a variety of health and wellness reasons, along with pure enjoyment. All the while, the Latin sound became more popular and mainstream.

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  • Ultrasone

    Founded in 1991, ULTRASONE began to build up the brand image as a high-class and innovative company for sophisticated customers. Due to continual research ULTRASONE invented numerous developments and has applied for several patents.

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  • Vestax

    The Vestax Corporation of Japan began in 1977 as a designer and manufacturer of electronic guitars. In the 1980s Vestax introduced a series of cassette based multitracks to challenge established products from Fostex, Yamaha and Tascam's portastudios. Today, as music making continues to evolve in this high-tech age, Vestax are more commonly known for innovative sound developments such as signal processors, DJ Mixers, professional turntables and Compact Disc players.

  • Vox

    Vox is a musical equipment manufacturer which is most famous for making the Vox AC30 guitar amplifier, the Vox Continental electric organ, and a series of innovative but commercially unsuccessful electric guitars and bass guitars.[citation needed] Founded in Dartford, Kent, England, Vox has been owned by the Japanese electronics firm Korg since 1992.

  • Watch & Learn Inc.

    Watch & Learn has been producing instructional music products for over 20 years. We are the industry leader in instruction material designed specifically for the beginning musician.

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  • Yamaha

    Yamaha was established in 1887 as a piano and reed organ manufacturer by Torakusu Yamaha as Nippon Gakki Company, Limited (日本楽器製造株式会社 Nippon Gakki Seizō Kabushiki Kaisha?) (literally Japan Musical Instrument Manufacturing Corporation) in Hamamatsu, Shizuoka prefecture and was incorporated on October 12, 1897. The company's origins as a musical instrument manufacturer is still reflected today in the group's logo—a trio of interlocking tuning forks.[3]

  • Zildjian Cymbal Company

    The Avedis Zildjian Company, simply known as Zildjian /ˈzɪldʒ(i)ən/, is a cymbal manufacturer based in Norwell, Massachusetts. The company was founded in Istanbul by Armenian Avedis Zildjian (the surname "Zildjian" given by Osman II after his successful works on cymbals, comes from "Zilcı" (means "Cymbal Caster") in Turkish and "-ian" meaning of in Armenian) in the 17th century during the Ottoman Empire.

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